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For those of you that are moving onto campus, into a new apartment or wanting to spruce up a personal work space this is a great U-mi list. We know that campus tuition often includes a meal card, but it is important to have a safe mini-kitchen at your finger tips. Selecting the "perfect items" for the "right price" is a fun challenge for any individual living in small spaces! I found a few appliances that can do LOTS of tricks! So you will need to find your "kitchen sink," make sure to follow campus safety rules and find pleasure in some healthy, creative cooking! Share your time and talents with others and work to enjoy a good life!
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Sunbeam 0.7 Cu. Ft. Digital Microwave Oven - Black
Price: $49.99
Added: 2016-07-18 by another contributor
It's a great price for an item that will serve you endless meals and warm your beverages.

Whirlpool 3.1 Cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
Price: $139.99
Added: 2016-07-17 by another contributor
"The stainless steel reversible two door compact Whirlpool Mini Fridge fridge is the perfect addition to any dorm room or home entertainment space. The compact refrigerator includes a separate true freezer compartment." Check out the details and other options that may suit your budget and space! Pack it with ice, fruits, veggies, and meals-in-a-bag early in the week and be set to go!