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Breath Meditation and the Restoration of the Wave Function
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Added: 2015-07-30 by another contributor
by Rodney Birney MD, April 5, 2015 When we pay attention to breath as the focus of our meditation we noticed a gentle rising and falling. When charted in relation to time, awareness of the breath creates a beautiful sine wave, a powerful waveform. The collapse of the wave function in quantum physics refers to how our observation causes the potential of the wave function of reality, which is spread out through space and time, to localize in a certain region, creating a particle. We see this in the experiments that explore the wave or particle nature of light. In quantum theories of mind, we are said to exist in a state of potential, which collapses in certain patterns, forming the particle nature of our consciousness, our sense of ego identity. This larger field of consciousness will form into certain patterns or particles based on the neuroanatomy and physiology of our brains and our unconscious impressions and conditioning. For example, we have an attachment system hardwired into our brain causing the larger field to collapse into seeking proximity, relationship and soothing from attachment figures throughout the course of life. Based on the early impressions and interactional patterns our brains will be conditioned to cause this collapse to go into a secure, avoidant, anxious ambivalent, or chaotic, attachment styles. When we are in a state of re activity in one of the non secure patterns, if we bring our awareness through breath meditation, there is the possibility over time of this constricted psychic pattern to unfreeze, to go into the larger field, and to reform in a more secure attachment style. In alchemy this is the pattern of dissolve and coagulate. A coagulated form dissolves and then re coagulates into a more functional form. In deep states of meditation, the wave function of breath meditation allows our ego identities to relax, to soften and dissolve into the larger field of consciousness and awareness that permeates the cosmos. Breath meditation is a powerful tool to restore our wave nature out of the constricted patterns of our ego’s. - See more at:

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