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Bees are NOT attracted to red flowers
Added: 2016-06-19 by another contributor
I couldn't resist getting this beautiful California poppy while on the Bosque apiary. It was one of many colorful specimens around to delight bees and visitors alike. I forgot to ask if this flower, as close as it is to red, would be on a bee list. The link is to the organization which organized the Saturday tour. There were over ten sites available and we made it to only four, but had a great time with one of the most important species for our way of life....the BEE! Don't use pesticides.

Warre in the Bosque
Added: 2016-06-19 by another contributor
A Warre hive hybridizes the Lang (Langstroth) and Top-bar hives. This photograph shows the innards. We stumbled upon an apiary and horticultural gem at this site in the Bosque. Muscovy ducks took care of any snail problem and provided eggs. Flowers delighted the senses and fed bees and other pollinators. I was so enchanted I forgot to take many pictures. Add that connectivity was horrible, I couldn't upload a picture in a Udorami item, so I chucked the reporter role and just enjoyed the experience. Don't use pesticides!

Frames for Lang hive
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
Black cell insert for brood and yellow for honey. Pop in a frame of food grade plastic coated with bees wax to attract bees.

Honey flow hive from Australia
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
No queen or brood in top and can get honey without opening hive. Leaves Brood intact, avoided mites, wax left in to be rebuilt. For more mite control put Crisco on wax paper with powdered sugar

Holly but no wood. Sandia foothills honey farm. Bee on the lookout!
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
Langstroth hives. Psst, he also had 9kW of solar with some battery backup.

Hat, veil, and hive tool
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
$290 for hives and need gloves, hat, fine mesh strainer, and smoker. Can't see red so plant other colors.

Dawn in the city
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
Leave 10-12 bars over winter and add crystallized honey. 12lbs a year honey.

S Sandoval
Added: 2016-06-18 by another contributor
Dawn in the city. Kenyan Top bar @ with enough size for ten lbs each bar.