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Beyond campus essentials, this is called U-mi list: Life on your own-Bath and more! Some of the basic things you need to make "Getting Ready" a breeze! Add these items to life, work to personalize your space and the rest will fall into place! Don't forget your towel and bath slippers!
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Vera Bradley Dorm Caddy - Bath - College Lifestyle - Macy's
From: www1.macys.com
Price: $34.00
Added: 2016-07-19 by another contributor
This is a stylish colorful caddy, perfect for various storage needs. For a more classic caddy, (Great Sale for $7.99) check out: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/casabella-shower-caddy?ID=2066984&CategoryID=68157&selectedSize=#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D72%26ruleId%3D102|BS%26slotId%3D4%26rdppSegmentId%3DCONTROL

Sephora: Bumble and bumble : Grooming Essentials Kit : hair-care-sets
From: www.sephora.com
Price: $45.00
Added: 2016-07-19 by another contributor
Our U-mi Dorm list Decor showcased a gorgeous beauty essential case! We want to make sure the guys are set to go. Get them started with this Grooming Essentials Kit from Bumble and bumble. Check this website for other great beauty supplies.

Product description page - Storage Mirror - Black - Room Essentials™
From: www.target.com
Price: $35.99
Added: 2016-07-19 by another contributor
This is great for style and functionality. "The Over-the-Door Jewelry Storage Mirror from Room Essentials gives you a full-length mirror that opens to reveal an accessories and jewelry organizer."

Honey-Can-Do® 8-pc. Room and Laundry Organizer
From: www.jcpenney.com
Price: $52.99
Added: 2016-07-18 by another contributor
It's hard to find a collection will make living in small spaces (or any spaces) easy and cool! "This 8-piece room and laundry organizer provides everything you need to wash, transport and organize your wardrobe in one convenient pack. Ideal for getting your wardrobe in shape for school."

Honey-Can-Do® Sort and Iron Triple Laundry Center
From: www.jcpenney.com
Price: $66.99
Added: 2016-07-17 by another contributor
I love this for three reasons! 1) You can keep your laundry in it and use it for storage 2) You can use it for an ironing board and 3) You can use it as a work space! Throw a table cloth on it, pull up some stools, add fresh flowers and it can even serve as a table!