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Sweet wine for cooking. We used our own grapes!
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4 - Add Yeast and Monitor S.G.
Added: 2016-09-03 by another contributor
We added a sachet of wine yeast and continued the same setup of cooling and covering. Once yeast was added the S.G. started to rapidly drop. 1.07 after the first 24 hours.

3 - Let juice sit 12 hours
Added: 2016-09-03 by another contributor
S.G. =1.090. Lower limit for sweet wine so we needed no added sugar. We added only one crushed Camden tablet. Temperature needs to remain around 70F. So we needed to keep it cool yet allow air in. We used a cooler and kept adding ice twice daily. The lid of the cooler served to keep most dirt and bugs out. We never shut it totally.

2 - Crush Grapes and Strain Juice
Added: 2016-09-03 by another contributor
We used a centrifugal juicer. Make sure the pulp bucket is clean. We strained the pulp and retrieved HALF the total juice. We would have gotten two full gallons of we had known from the start. 1.75 gallons + 1 cup. Or a total of 29 cups.

1 - Harvest and Wash Grapes
Added: 2016-09-03 by another contributor
We had over 30 lbs to wash, at least partially destemmed and juice. Washing is always fun because wasps are usually present. We very humanely trap them with a cup, slide stuff paper underneath and release outside. We're all happy when finished!