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Some of my greatest memories are of countless hours with family and my Grammy by the pool. Look to the water as a source of relief from that summer heat! As the days get hotter, take some family time to learn about water safety and the joys of "Pool Time!"
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Speedo Girls Float Coach
From: www.target.com
Price: $17.99
Priority: Can't live without it
Added: 2016-07-03 by another contributor
Adorable must have!! Target also offers a cool "Poolmaster Learn-To-Swim Tube Trainer - Blue" for $33.99

Baby Sprinkles Water Park
From: www.target.com
Price: $34.99
Priority: Really want it
Added: 2016-07-03 by another contributor
What a way to play! This water park is packed with delightful fun for your little ones!

Step2 Play & Shade Pool
From: www.target.com
Price: $55.46
Priority: Like it a lot
Added: 2016-07-03 by another contributor
This is great addition to the back yard for both your toddlers or your 4 legged friends!

Sephora: Bumble and bumble : Surf Foam Wash Shampoo : shampoo-sulfate-free-shampoo
From: www.sephora.com
Price: $27.00
Added: 2016-07-04 by another contributor
Ready, Set, Go! Combined with the Bumble and bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner, this Shampoo will make it easy to rinse off water fun and carry on with the day!

Ariat Mini Carry All
From: www.zappos.com
Price: $59.00
Added: 2016-07-04 by another contributor
Can be used to conveniently hold your wallet, sunglasses, gloves, and a bottle of water. With several different styles, you are sure to find one for all occasions!