Adding Udorami lists to your blog

Now, adding a list you’ve created on is as easy as adding a WordPress short-code! You can see our plugin in action in the List Ideas section of this blog. For example, Things that make me smile, has a list curated by Jamii.

The Udorami plugin is now available in the WordPress repository.

Using the Udorami plugin

A Udorami list is displayed by the shortcode udorami_list. You’ll need to know the list-id of the list you want to display. To find your list-id, login to, and go to your list.
The URL for you list will look like this:

The list-id  is the last item, in this example 41, so  your short-code will look like this:

Things that have caught my eye

by Jamii Corley
Waterfall Mermaid Braid - Trends & Style
Beautiful waterfall braid.
Sculpture by George Hart
One of my favorite mathematically inspired artists is George Hart.
Spinning Counterclockwise
I'm a sucker for circular Gallifreyan.
St Mark's Book Shop
A Beautiful design, located in the East Village, NYC
Anthony Roussel Jewellery
Amazing artist! His website is under development, but this tumblr feed is really interesting.
35 Phenomenal Fractal Art Pictures – Smashing Magazine
Interesting article on fractal inspired artwork from Smashing Magazine.
Alkhymeia's DeviantArt Gallery
Amazing translucent polymer clay work.
The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATHby dahlig
This artist can be found on Deviant Art, a really interesting site for modern artists. This is part of a set inspired by the seven deadly sins, and influenced by Mucha.
Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters, Jun Hu and Jihong Liu
I found this in a Mathmatical Art Gallery. The design on the dress is created by a spherical packing algorithm.
The Coven - Playing Cards
Interesting style of artwork. More information can be found at

Here are a number of styling options you can use with the plugin

  1. nopic=1 – Don’t show the picture.
  2. picsize=200 – Set the max picture size in pixels.
  3. layout=0 – Default. List, pictures to the left.
  4. layout=1 – List, alternating pictures left, then right.
  5. layout=2 – Masonry grid.
  6. noauthor=1 – Don’t show the list author.
  7. notitle=1 – Don’t show the list title.
  8. nolink=1 – Don’t link to items. These are items you’ve posted to your list. They don’t have an additional link other than the one in your Udorami list.

If you have any problems installing, or using the plugin please report them.