25 Ways to Use Udorami

After a year and a half of using Udorami in my life I started noting the different ways I found I was using it. This “blog” is actually that list in all my myriad Udorami lists! If you want to see it in it’s working form, click this link.   If you have more ideas, email them to me at athena@udorami.com.

by Athena Chris

1 - Classroom Registry
Our teachers shouldn't have to provide the necessary supplies to do their job well. Udorami will help set up registries locally and globally for public school teachers. We've made it our #1 priority!
2- Supply list
Keeping all those little supplies on hand in an office or home can be a job in itself. Keep a running list of type and quantities. Mark and copy over to "items purchased" when purchased. Keeping a running total....Wait I think we might have something here!
3 - Approved Vendor List
Knowing who is approved by your employer makes it easy to shop for lower prices or that specific item. This list has no links to the online vendors...Use Udorami to fix that!
4 - Mentoring notes
I have a mentor and have mentored. It works well in both directions. Sometimes a visual cue is needed, but I like that I have my notes no matter where I am. I always have my phone!
5 - DIY project steps
Making soap - Hot Process. Make sure to write down the ingredient list in your description. The page to the original recipe disappeared. The basic steps can be found at the new link and we can recalculate everything else.
6 - Membership numbers
I am a member of so many online entities. I wouldn't keep bank numbers here for security reasons, but the email address, username and member number sure is handy on the road.
7 - List of contests and competitions
Sometimes I run across these and want to go back later and apply or send to a friend.
8 - Recipe steps
Oh yeah, I remember how we did that! A combo of pictures and words for recipes are invaluable! How many times have you made something without at least one picture....only for the experts!
9 - Maintain a Wordpress site current with EASE
It's Official! We're in the WordPress repository.
10 - Take notes with pictures
I went on an apiary (bee yard) tour and wanted to keep a few notes with pictures (for those other 1000 words). I know I can Google things later, but sometimes people say nuggets of wisdom best kept separate. Almost old-fashioned. My phone keeps my notebook in the cloud. Link takes you to my notes.
11 - Snag articles for later
This particular one is about another movie being made in NM. I think it would be a hoot to be in one of them. Before my sons go off to college I'm going to suggest they be an extra!
12 - Interesting Upcoming Events
Getting everyone out of the house can be a challenge these days. Give them a couple of choices and off you go!
13 - Viewing Recommendations - TEDx
Recommendations are huge for the internet. Influence sells. Though we don't sell anything per se, Udorami could help YOU influence. This is so important in our sharing, open, digital life. I will try to limit my recommendations to add one a week at most. I love listening to TEDx talks, but some are worth spreading and should be highly contagious. I just recently started using my Udorami button to capture these for later.
14 - U-mi list
A short (5-10 item) list featuring products from our over 19,000 sponsors! Exclusively on-line purchases currently, but eventually including YOUR local businesses for a thriving local economy. Side benefit - the more you buy local the better our planet!
15 - List of Purchased Gifts
Now that I get so many things on-line, I need to keep track of them so I don't give double gift or forget that I already purchased an item. THIS METHOD WORKS FOR STORE PURCHASES AS WELL! You can take a picture and include a note on where you stashed it. No more finding gifts two years later!
16 - List of family recipes - uncollaborated
We have family recipes that I've collected, written and given to my sons. They were compiled from my brief time in the restaurant business and the decades cooking for my family. My son carries pdfs of some of those recipes, but they don't include the notes for corrections or preferences. Since Udorami is mobile ready, it's time to have a Udorami version.
17 - Potluck Meal Planning
We've used Udorami within my family for remote meal planning. Use the Add-item button to tag the recipe if it is on-line. Potlucks are an American tradition well worth keeping, but you don't need everyone to bring the same thing, right? Your list can be done collaboratively and viewed by anyone you decide. Even non-Udorami users.
18 - List for yourself as a wishlist
It's about time I added the original purpose for the site. Yes, there is nothing wrong with keeping a list of items and such you like...More than just pictures, though. Links to products, travel sites, suggestions. Make it personal with comments and photos at any time.
19 - List for a parent's gift
I'm part of the sandwich generation. After raising children, our parents are now needing some care and attention. With siblings scattered across the country, it's handy to be able to let them know another way to show their love. My mom is with my sister now so I have Udorami a good way to compare products and services. Collaborating can bring everyone into the picture.
20 - List for child's gift
Parenting is complicated enough. Let everyone know what your precious one has already, is into, or whatever YOU think best for them. After all, you know them best.
21 - Collection
Keep track of items you have as well as those you "wish" to have. Pictures and/or links to purchases.
22 - Listicle
The title link provides an example of a Udorami list embedded in a WordPress site. The "Current Event Links" are really items in a Udorami list. One, I added on my phone, hence the picture with the painted horse and I. To see the Udorami list in its original form go to http://www.udorami.com/lists/wish_lists/view/490.
23 - Wish Granting - gift certificate
I like to give Udorami certificates to graduates and new parents. It is a delight to be able to give people what they truly want and need. It is much more personal than cash or a check.
24 - Book catalogue
Use it for books you have, want, or loaned out. Definitely for those who like to be organized. We even had one member list books lost in a move. He received most of them for Christmas and most likely the rest will be sent for his birthday.
25 - Wedding Registry
If I were marrying this year, I would make sure to use Udorami for at least part, if not all, of my registry. Look for a How-To Listicle in our Creative Uses (under construction).