About Us

  Udorami: Founded 2014, during an Albuquerque Startup Weekend. We are entrepreneurs, developers, designers, small business owners, and most importantly…list-makers who like to share.

ja-gravatarAthena, Co-founder, CEO, and Greekish woman has many ideas in her head. Sometimes she speaks and they fly into the minds of others.  She is now moving through life, proclaiming, “Only God can read your mind. The rest of us are using Udorami!”  With engineering degrees in the big, the bad and the itty bitty, she is a big promoter of the triple bottom line with regards to business (and life). Everything has to include people (relationships), planet (environment) and profit (choices). Thankfully, the idea of an online ability to “speak” her wishes for others to hear and grant, fell on fertile ground…her partner, Jamii.

Jamii, Co-Founder and CTO, is co-owner of Southwest Cyberport, webhosting, internet connectivity, and IT services as well as catalyst for the Ideas and Coffee co-working space. She’s the tool developer, and as a long time fan of WordPress created the WordPress plugin making it easy to display your Udorami lists in your own blog.