Udorami Button Overview

In computer-speak the Udorami button is called a bookmarklet.

bookmarklet_description_photoNotice the term “javascript” in the link description when I hover over the button.

With the Udorami button installed in your browser’s bookmark bar, you will be able to add items to your lists from any website without having to go through the Udorami website first. Go to install page.

For example, say you are browsing on an e-commerce site. You then see an item you like and want to add it to your list. Do you have to stop browsing, open a new tab or window, navigate to Udorami, login, find your list, then add an item?….. NO!

Instead, you can stay on that original e-commerce site the entire time. Once you get to the page for the item you like, just click on the Udorami button in your bookmark bar.

A pop-up window will allow you to immediately choose a title, image, description, price, and more for the item that you are trying to add to a list. The URL (web address) will automatically be stored along with your item. (Unless you have logged out or timed out of Udorami, then you’ll be asked to log back in first, but from the window)

So the next time you do login to Udorami and view your lists, you’ll not only see the item, but you’ll be able to return to that original website via the link! Go to install page.


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