Climbed our way to easier and more friendly? Heck yeah!! If you joined in the past month you probably won’t notice it, but we listened and rolled out  “Version 1.1” with these features:

  • Find ANY list easier with a title search – use one word or part of a word.
  • Create a sharable link for non-member groups.
  • Share lists via email to a circle.
  • Udorami button remembers the list you are working on.
  • Add friends is more intuitive.
  • Hover over symbols for instructions – popup tips.
  • More ways to “Like” a list.
  • Total calculated for the printable list.
  • Friendlier, less cluttered mobile view!

Overall a friendlier way to make lists, registries, and more. Next up….Apple Store for a downloadable App and extension to put the Udorami button on your mobile iOS device. Android users soon after.