We’ve just added some new features and bug fixes. If you see anything wrong be sure to let us know! The quickest way to get info to us is to fill out a bug report, or just send email to bugs@udorami.com.

After watching people use the tool we discovered some awkwardness and unfulfilled expectations. We’ve made a few enhancements and have some other things on the drawing board for the next release.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  1. We’ve added an “All My Friends” circle. This list will always contain all your friends and it’s ready for use without you needing to set anything up or make any changes as you add or delete friends.
  2. You will always have two circles, “Just Me” and “All My Friends”. Now you can’t accidentally delete these or add/remove things from them . They mean what you’d expect.
  3. The page of people you’ve invited is more friendly now. You can send a re-invitation easily. You can add your invited friend to your friends list with a single click. And you’ll see the list of people who have invited you to use Udorami. They can also be added as friends with a single click.
  4. We noticed people expected the item title in their lists to be a link to the original website, so now it is.
  5. We also found people wanted to click on the item picture to see a larger picture and the comments. That’s now possible.
  6. We’ve reworked the navigation menus, so the blog and the web tool are more consistent.
  7. And of course, lots of bug fixes.

We’ve got some plans to make who can read and write the  lists more clearly defined. You’ll see more about that in our next release. Thanks so much for helping us build a better tool!