Adding New Item with Udorami Button

There are 2 ways to add an item to a list: (create a list)

Udorami button – PCs, laptops and most tablets

    1. The Udorami button should be used on PCs, laptops and most tablets whenever you are trying to save a web address as part of your list. The above video shows how. (Install)
    2.  Go to a specific item on a website. For example, a specific product’s page on an e-commerce site (this is usually the page that offers the “Add to Cart” button). The Udorami button can be used with other types of websites, too –for events, places,  recipes etc.
    3. The name of your item, its price (if any), and product image may already be pre-filled for you. (Everything except web image can be edited now and later)
    4. If you’d like to choose a different product image, use the arrows to select among the given options. Sometimes only one image will be available.
    5. Adjust the quantity to any number; it defaults to 1.
    6. Choose the  list  from the drop-down options.
    7. Choose the  priority setting. Select from from the drop-down options:  Like it, Like it A Lot, Really Want It, and Can’t Live Without It.
    8. Add your personal thoughts and comments in bottom box.

                Remember to “Add Item”!

Manual Add  (no Udorami Button or item not a website)

    1. Go to Lists drop-down menu and click on “Add an Item”  OR if you’re in a list already look for the blue plus sign next to the list title.
    2. On this new page, you are able to enter all the information about your item. Copy URL (link) and paste in “URL” area. Fill in the name. Now “view” and “name” will both take you back to the original site. A great way for adding web address link on a mobile device. OR Fill in the name if there is no web address.
    3. You can also choose then upload an image (take one now or bring in from file).
    4. Remember to click “Save note/gift”!
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