We’ve just pushed some new features and bug fixes. If you see anything unusual be sure to send us some information after it. You can fill out a bug report, or just send email to bugs@udorami.com.

Here’s some of the changes we’ve made.

  1. WordPress plugin is now available
  2. You can easily send a list to one of your Udorami friends without needing to know their email address.
  3. Track your Udorami invitations and get notifications when your friends sign up.
  4. We now want you to look and check off on a Terms of Service (Thanks to our lawyers 🙂 )
  5. Less awkward styling when using the bookmarklet. Now you should be seeing the status bar on all sites!
  6. You can now share a collaborated list.
  7. New layout options in the WordPress plugin.
  8. Add item/note from the website now offers a quantity field.
  9. You can replace an image when editing an item on your lists.
  10. Bug fixes.