Chrisula Jane Resolutions 2017

Here We Go ~2017! Every year I make a written or mental “things-to-do” list. This time I used Udorami to also collect some websites for constant “go-to” when needed! Whenever I’m feeling at a standstill with my successes, need that extra inspiration, a reminder of, or extra info about, some strategies, I’ll check this list and work to resolve some of the problem areas of my life;  my overall health and better relationships with God and others! I want to continue to grow into the person that I aspire to be! <3C:  Go here to “like” my list!  by Chrisula Cunningham

Quotes About Inspirational
"Cause somebody's gotta say..."~JJ
5 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better - Healthy and Natural Life
Sleep is on most lists of important for health! And these natural ideas to help get a good nights rest are cool!
10 Things Organized People Do Every Day
Super important concepts for EVERYDAY!
Six Things to Do Every Day- Martha Stewart
Make bed~Manage Clutter~Sort Mail~Clean as You Cook~Wipe up Spills While They're Fresh~Sweep the Kitchen Floor
The 12 "Golden Rules"
These "golden rules" can be helpful for all relationships!
5 Ways to Get Fit and Healthy at the Office
Get on board with people @ work that want to continue to build a mind set of a healthy work place and community! #2 may have to wait!


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December 29, 2016