Athena Ann Resolutions 2017

Athena Ann Resolutions 2017

I have changed over the past few years in preparation for…? This is the year for stepping out and achieving the following goals. Link here to copy or “like”.   by Athena Christodoulou

Community Solar
I was the organizing project manager for UNM/ASU's 2013 Solar Decathlon team. We had a very rocky and almost disastrous start. I'm ready now to be out in the community and help solar get to ALL. Unfortunately our local utility, PNM, is slow in adopting the technology. Organize at least one team and/or offer my services as an organizer. Support legislative efforts to encourage Community Solar in NM.

Christos - Continue and strengthen our loving partnership
Married for 33 years as of 3-3. We've recently "renegotiated" our marriage. It was touch and go for a bit, but everything good is worth a fight. Have fun together at least once a week. I'm going out on a limb to even mention, but his story is sooo inspiring: a true rags-to-riches immigrant success.

Jesus - walk His talk
All my relationships have to be pried out of me and into the open. Whether you believe in His Godhood or not, His teachings of love for all with appropriate boundaries rocked the world and challenges every person wishing to be a leader. Help our Chapter Challenge to be good and right for both givers and receivers. Be prompt with updates, keep registry current, and visit at least twice.

Tall Tale - I Solved An Ancient Riddle
After years of relearning how to verbally communicate..ok, talk, I have a tale of epic proportions involving a riddle in a document written almost 2000 years ago. Professionally videotape, post on YouTube, and promote to at least 10k people. It combines all aspects of me.

My Solar Blog - reorganize and tell about new solar thermal sytem installed
It's really basic and looks like I haven't added anything since March, but that's not true. I have an Udorami list embedded and add articles and videos quite often. It just needs a few more posts and links. I will schedule to work on it at least one hour a week.

Travel with Friends
I now have many friends but a very special one created these lovely travel lists. Actually travel at least one weekend with girlfriends.

Chrisula Jane Resolutions 2017

Chrisula Jane Resolutions 2017

Here We Go ~2017! Every year I make a written or mental “things-to-do” list. This time I used Udorami to also collect some websites for constant “go-to” when needed! Whenever I’m feeling at a standstill with my successes, need that extra inspiration, a reminder of, or extra info about, some strategies, I’ll check this list and work to resolve some of the problem areas of my life;  my overall health and better relationships with God and others! I want to continue to grow into the person that I aspire to be! <3C:  Go here to “like” my list!  by Chrisula Cunningham

Quotes About Inspirational
"Cause somebody's gotta say..."~JJ

5 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better - Healthy and Natural Life
Sleep is on most lists of important for health! And these natural ideas to help get a good nights rest are cool!

10 Things Organized People Do Every Day
Super important concepts for EVERYDAY!

Six Things to Do Every Day- Martha Stewart
Make bed~Manage Clutter~Sort Mail~Clean as You Cook~Wipe up Spills While They're Fresh~Sweep the Kitchen Floor

The 12 "Golden Rules"
These "golden rules" can be helpful for all relationships!

5 Ways to Get Fit and Healthy at the Office
Get on board with people @ work that want to continue to build a mind set of a healthy work place and community! #2 may have to wait!

Athena for Udorami

Athena for Udorami

“Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.James Bryant Conant. I like to think that by making my list public YOU become my accountability partner. See my list to copy then edit to make and keep your own 2017 resolutions. Add Athena Chris as a friend, share your list, and it might join the Udorami community as a featured list      by Athena Chris

Reach at least 200 teachers for resource rich classrooms
Bridging the gap between what classrooms have and what they NEED! Every teacher would help themselves and their students by starting, maintaining, and sharing a class registry. Add "teacher udorami" (first, last names) as a friend for starter templates.

Classroom Registries established
I have several teachers signed up and am in the process of scheduling school visits. We had one wonderful campaign in 2016 to work out some of the kinks. Sign up as a volunteer might help. Get at least 3 people to help.

Develop Fantastic Culture
As a startup it's not going to be the gobs of money for another year or two at least. However, the attached article includes some good examples with ideas to include in Udorami. First and foremost will be stock options and events. Maybe schedule one, fun company-wide event a quarter and lunch, monthly.

Introduction to one Brick and Mortar/On-Line presence
Target is only one of many retail businesses which could see value in our offering. A partnership would be awesome!

Funding for Accelerated Growth
Local opportunities are available, but for truly wonderful growth outside NM, it appears I need outside help.