Mother’s Day Joy Revealed (2015)

Smiles all around! The hugs and kisses will come later, from some, but are what make it all worthwhile.

A Mother's Wish

by Athena Christodoulou

Christos wants it
My future Tesla if NM allowed Tesla sales
This is a test of our "share" piece of the app. Hmm no pic. But able to add one.
Sound of Music 50th Anniversary Edition(Blu-ray/DVD/Digital)(Collectible Packaging) - Target Exclusive
Oh my! I just saw this on the big screen for the first time. It brought back memories of watching this with MY mother. It certainly was, and is, a family favorite.
Please call AND send a card.
I want funny cards. You know, laughter is the best medicine. We are more of a ....if you're around, we give you a
Dark Chocolate Truffles
Made at an elegant little shop on fourth street. These delights even beat out my imported Greek chocolates for texture and rich taste. They do ship, but because of their meltable nature, shipping costs can be steep. But, oh yum!!! Once you taste one, you may never be the same again. As my family knows, chocolates are my "drug" of choice, so keep em coming!
The Transformative Negotiator: Changing the Way We Come to Agreement from the Inside Out Paperback – April 7, 2015
This wonderful author taught me IP strategies as well as the difficulties in getting engineers to name a product without acronyms. She told our class the story of "JAVA". Negotiation skills are key whether you are wheeling and dealing with a two-year old begging for the latest toy, a Ph.D. engineer angling for a bigger toy or a VC in a multi-million dollar buyout.
Car Vent Phone Mount
Found it at Walgreen's. In those bins heading to the register. Only $5! They actually got me more versatile one...(and more expensive)
Tuscan Stone Pizza Oven at World Market.
Hey! How come New Mexico doesn't sell Mini Horno?! Only $100. It is most likely not in the store anymore, but I thought it kind of neat. It might reappear near Mother's day.
KassaSoft Supima Cotton Bath Robe
Another item on a long time wishlist. This is made with organic cotton...kudos. Online only. Buy from this link.
Cat Post-Bound Album - 12x12"
Practically an empty-nester myself, I'm understanding pet obsession more. We have the sweetest, friendliest, dustbath lovin' cat. Or maybe you like dogs (hiss!). Put it on your list to have some fun.
Umbra Lotus Ring Dish, Watermelon
I love bright and cheerful, the lotus motif keeps with our harmonize theme!


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March 14, 2015