Baby Shower

Baby Shower

We’re going to be grandparents!  And as you can see, it’s going to be a girl.

But my son and his wife live out of town. Both are working long and hard and didn’t see a need for a baby shower. Plus she’s working for the very male-dominated field of gaming and it isn’t likely they will throw a shower.

I begged my son to put together a list and he did. We got them exactly what they think they need. Don’t worry, when we visit I’ll go through everything with her mother and we’ll make sure it is truly complete. I copied the list with all my son’s comments for you to get the idea.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini in 3D Jersey - Dark Grey
So I can strap her to me at the grocery store and everyone will go "awwww"
Boppy Original Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray
The perfect comfy pillow to trap a newborn
Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing with Smart Swing Technology
Like a baby rollercoaster, but more soothing
Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit
How could there be a better play area than this?


Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July Celebration

Check out this list to see some great finds for the Fourth of July celebrations and festivities. Some of our favorite spots to shop have super classic ideas for honoring America’s Independence. Get together, enjoy time with family and friends, remembering the blessings and challenges of liberty and justice for all. “July 4th ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion.”— John Adams

by Chrisula Cunningham
4th of July Flowers & Gifts
Find the "perfect way to share All-Ameirican smiles!"
4th of July Firework Show by Macy's
Everything you need to know how about Where to Watch, The Talent, Macy's Salutes Those Who's Serve, The Big Give Back, and even The Perfect Summer Time Party Recipes for a great holiday celebration no matter where you you are.
Americana Outdoor Living by Target
Give your living space a great touch with the inspirational items like the Outdoor Throw Pillows, Big Blue Star Outdoor Rug, Red and Blue Striped Outdoor Runner, American Bamboo Torch, and the Bryant Faux Wood Patio Adirondack Chair.
Home Americana and 4th of July from JCPenny
The Home Americana Red Truck Wall Sign, Leaning Porch Sign, Filled Decorative Lantern, Wood Curl Star Wreath, Burlap Wreath, Stars and Stripe Aprons, or a Gold Dipped Red Rose are just a few of the unique treasures to add to your collection.
American Pride by Edible Arrangements
"Add instant fireworks to any celebration! Edible Arrangements® fruit bouquets are perfect for backyard barbecues, block parties, beachside celebrations and more. Our collection of patriotic arrangements are a festive, fun and all-American way to celebrate the U.S.A."
Solar Lights
Add some solar to your outdoors for everyday and all celebrations. Start with the Gemmy 48-Light White-Shade LED Solar Bulbs String Lights and make having solar an important part of your life a little more each time you can.
All Patriotic Treats
Treat your self and your guests with yummy delights from See Candy like the Stars and Stripes Nuts and Chew, Peanut Brittle, or Assorted Lollypop. Find Patriotic Treat Bags and other sweets.
"Red, White and Que" BBQ Grill Cookbook
"Why We Love It- Featuring dozens of recipes that favor farm-fresh ingredients, this outdoor grill cookbook will inspire you to fire up the backyard barbecue any chance you get. Grilling, planking, smoking and roasting techniques are demystified in this outdoor guide that includes meat and poultry dishes, a healthy dose of fruit and roasted vegetable recipes and a full chapter on salads."-World Market
Classic Neighborhood Games from Target
"Bring back the classics...Grab the squad and get the fun started with these classic neighborhood games."
Keller's Farm Stores
Cruise with your family and enjoy time at local farm stores, enjoy and become a patrons. For those in Albuquerque one choice is Keller's, where they work to "offer a great deal of selection and a tremendous variety, we are small and personal when you need attention."
Mother’s Day 2017 Shopping Event ~Collage

Mother’s Day 2017 Shopping Event ~Collage

This was a fun event that allowed independent consultants and Mother’s Day shoppers to come together for gifting! There were door prizes, refreshments and classy cool gifts to purchase (or add to “wish lists”.) We are hoping to get together soon for another chance to shop and mingle, make friends and do more “list making.” Until then, check out this list and reach out to consultants for items you are interested in!

by Chrisula Cunningham
Mother's Day Shopping Event Information
Udorami joined several other vendors in a "Mother's Day Shopping Event!"
LuLaRoe Clothing~ Stephanie and Leslie / LuLaRoe Clothing~Taylor Kowallis
Check out this link to see a showcase of some items from "LuLaRoe Clothing~Chrissy's Picks."
Udorami~ Athena Christodoulou & Jamii Corley
Chrisula working to help people sign up for Udorami and start their "list" making, organizing, gift giving easier!
New Mexico Solar Association
Athena is an advocate for the earth and promotes the increased use of and education in solar energy! We congratulate her on becoming President of this vital organization and appreciate their efforts to promote renewable energy!
LipSense by SeneGence
LipSense by SeneGence -18 hour lip color that doesn't kiss off, smudge off, or get on your teeth. It is also super healthy hydrating! Set includes lip color, gloss and remover. Talk to Lauren from Lo's Lips @ 505-306-1256.
Lo's Lips
Athena checking out some of the lip stick choices while she sports some LuLaRoe!
LipSense by SeneGence
Some of the cool colors from Lo's Lips!
Company Mission Is: Improving Quality of Life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.
"Whether it’s reducing chemicals, living more sustainably, or leading a team of like-minded people, it all starts with the understanding that every small, conscious choice we make makes a difference. Everything we do helps deliver on the promise for a brighter future . . . for everyone."~Norwex
Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef exists to help you enjoy the moments most important to you and yours by inspiring satisfying, stress-free meals fit for the way you live.
Pampered Chef
Athena and Christie talking shop about the many great kitchen items to chose from.
Thirty-One Gifts
Personalized bags, totes, wallets & more to make it a memorable gift!
Raffle-Enter to win! Information
Keep this in mind for next time!

To our sponsors and host!

Some of the prizes...
Mother’s Day Shopping Event

Mother’s Day Shopping Event

We have mashed two lists together on the same event which happened May 6 with local mothers helping make ends meet. I added a couple items later for more local flavor, because I want them for My Mother’s Day,  and the opportunity to support other local businesses.

2017 Mother's day

by Athena Christodoulou
Sip and Paint at Kelly Jo's
This worked out sooo well for my birthday and Valentine's day. Eventually the whole family will do a session. We love hanging our own art on the wall. We get an appreciation for our own creations and share them with my mom. You should hear my husband crow and point to his works. He says he feels such a sense of accomplishment.
Downtown Historic Bed & Breakfast
A Friday and Saturday night on almost ANY weekend, but Balloon Fiesta and Mother's day would be a treat.
Pink Amelia from Taylor
Worn backwards!
Bag I bought
Thirty One gifts with Lisa Davis
Red Carly
From Stephanie, small
Hanging traveler kit
I need one. Lisa Davis putting in order May 8. 505-400-7475.
Lipsense Brick and gloss
Also like Bella

Mother's Day Shopping Event-Chrissy's Pick

by Chrisula Cunningham
Cafe Crossbody & Rubie Mini
Crossbody 68.00 Rubie Mini 22.00
Single serving Stoneware
Great for lots of cooking/baking stuff! From Pampered Chef
Ceramic Egg Cooker
Can cook eggs, oats, soups, and warm drinks in the micro-wave!

LipSense by SeneGence -18 hour lip color that doesn't kiss off, smudge off, or get on your teeth. It is also super healthy hydrating! Set includes lip color, gloss and remover. Talk to Lauren from Lo's Lips @ 505-306-1256.
St. Patrick’s Day Treasures Galore

St. Patrick’s Day Treasures Galore

Let the fun of spring begin with this St. Patrick’s Day Treats List. Send these treasures to your co-workers, family and friends! Ahhhh, and don’t forget to send some kisses to your loved ones!  by Chrisula Cunningham

St. Patrick's Day: Fun Things to do!
Just for a little extra fun we have included some ideas to kick off the holiday!
Lobster Dinner for Two at Harry & David
Order your's today and get ready for the weekends gathering!
Lucky Pot O’ Gold
This is a great pair, just perfect to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day!"
Irish Blessings Bouquet
The name says it all!
Floral Embrace™ with Strawberries
Make some one feel lucky with this sweet duo!
Gluten-Free Dessert Bars
"Irresistible to anyone, these rich dessert bars are especially perfect for those who follow a gluten-free diet. Treat yourself to two delicious flavors: sweet-tart marionberry and warm cinnamon. Individually wrapped bars are perfect for a sweet treat on the go, or plate them to create a lovely and thoughtful snack for guests."
Send this cutie to some one you love!Kisses!
St. Patrick’s Day Caramel Apple with Candies
"Send Happy St. Patrick’s Day wishes in a deliciously big way! Give an over one pound, tart Granny Smith apple dipped in creamy caramel, then sprinkled with green and white milk chocolate candies and laced with white confection drizzle. It’s YUM and then some!"
Five Flavor Bitters Bar Set
"Send your favorite at-home bartender this set of 5 Unique Small Batch Aromatic Bitters. They will enjoy creating the classic cocktails: Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Champagne Cocktail, Rob Roy and more. Flavors include Smoked Chili, Citrus, Aromatic, Orange, and Ginger."
St. Patrick's Day Snack Assortment
This "luck of the irish" collection is the perfect gift for all occasions. Yep, all occasions!
Harry's Gift Box by Harry & David
Order this delightful sweet mix for you or as a gift for the holiday!
Green Dublin Cocktail™
"EXCLUSIVE Serve up St. Paddy's Day smiles with the luckiest libation around! Inspired by the popular Irish cocktail, our florists hand-arrange the freshest green carnations, green roses, white daisy poms and Bells of Ireland inside a keepsake oversized martini glass, accented with a cheerful and festive shamrock ribbon. Sláinte!"