Things that caught my eye

This list is a collection of random items that all have amazing style elements. Sometimes it’s their presentation, and sometimes the item itself, but all are really interesting from a style perspective. Cover art by Endre Penovac and a link to his site is included.

Things that have caught my eye

by Jamii Corley

Waterfall Mermaid Braid - Trends & Style
Beautiful waterfall braid.

Sculpture by George Hart
One of my favorite mathematically inspired artists is George Hart.

Spinning Counterclockwise
I'm a sucker for circular Gallifreyan.

St Mark's Book Shop
A Beautiful design, located in the East Village, NYC

Anthony Roussel Jewellery
Amazing artist! His website is under development, but this tumblr feed is really interesting.

35 Phenomenal Fractal Art Pictures – Smashing Magazine
Interesting article on fractal inspired artwork from Smashing Magazine.

Alkhymeia's DeviantArt Gallery
Amazing translucent polymer clay work.

Recycled materials, Art deco design, what's not to like?

Castor & Pollux Lighting Sculptures
Interesting lighting sculpture and construction

The Seven Deadly Sins: WRATHby dahlig
This artist can be found on Deviant Art, a really interesting site for modern artists. This is part of a set inspired by the seven deadly sins, and influenced by Mucha.

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden, Loe Feijs, Marina Toeters, Jun Hu and Jihong Liu
I found this in a Mathmatical Art Gallery. The design on the dress is created by a spherical packing algorithm.

The Coven - Playing Cards
Interesting style of artwork. More information can be found at



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March 25, 2016