California Trip

California Trip

Westward Ho! I used Udorami to plan and track our trip with 2 adult sons and my husband. We were all coming from various parts of the country for dual duty: tour a couple potential college campuses and vacate.  I added items using my smartphone and you could follow our progress! I also moved items from my working list to the public one shown in blog form below.

Before we go, though, Did you know traveling has health benefits?  Karen Reed in lists eight of them here. I especially liked the idea of just getting off your computer and moving. And for good health of the planet include lots of public transport, hiking and biking!   by Athena C.

Final day in San Diego
The entire zoo was amazing! We went to the beach beforehand, so there was little time for dallying. Everyone saw their favorite plus a whole lot more. Shhhh, I even snuck some Ingress and received my fourth badge.

Sea World
After visiting UCSD, we jumped over to Sea World. Even though Mark was born in Florida, he grew up in Albuquerque and was "deprived" of the tourist traps, I mean fun. He got green chili stew instead... Fair trade! It was fun, though, and the shows were awe inspiring to campy.

College visit to UCSD
Scheduled by our son, Mark, in hopes of combining computers and surfing. Any university with Geisel's library (aka Dr. Seuss) has my vote.

View from San Diego hotel room
Ooops, no more splurging! This one is more our typical style. Costs the same for 3 nights that Pismo Beach cost for one.. Still clean, a bed to sleep in, but it includes breakfast. It will take a while to recover, but well worth the trip.

My picture. Had some required pastries to celebrate our drive through. The place reminded me of Tarpon Springs in Florida. The buildings reminiscent of a different country at one point in time, a time capsule.... Sort of. Quite commercialized and touristy now.

Not used to having myself in pictures. I think my dorm room decades ago was slightly bigger.

Crossed the Golden Gate bridge
Paul and Mark finally posed for me.

SF Bay Beachfront 2BD Apartment in Alameda
Our first place to stay was across the street from the bay.

The Cliffs Resort -Priceline
I used link when checking out to make hotel charge proper fee. It was the first time using priceline. It worked!!

San Francisco marathon - and public transportation
Heck no! Not for a person who views running as an emergency procedure, but it happens to fall on the day I booked Alcatraz tour. I received a notice "encouraging" us to take public transportation and allow extra travel time.

Saturday San Francisco market
We'll take the ferry from Alameda. It only happens on Saturday while we're here. SUP lessons will have to wait.

View from the balcony
First morning! OK, we had to crane our neck to get this picture, and so far we have witnessed no foul play.

Cable car ride.
Fun ride to nowhere.

Spring rolls at Up 2U Thai
I decided on an appetizer for dinner.

Hayes Valley Spacious Flat (1 BR +) in San Francisco
an option. Checking with owners. Turned down!!! That was strike two and I almost gave up on airbnb. So glad I didn't!

1 Bed, 2 Bath Marina Flat w/ Office in San Francisco
Acck declined! to stay thursday, fri, sat - pending
Picnic Time with Friends

Picnic Time with Friends

Aaah, eating in the great outdoors!  The friendly bison pictured above is extra and available at some of our National Parks. Remember they are celebrating 100 years and we want them around another 100 years.  This U-mi list has a variety of ideas for picnics with friends.   by Chrisula Cunningham

Gourmet Picnic Tote with Wine from HARRYANDDAVID.COM
Complete with sun-dried tomato pesto torta and Harry & David™ Ross Lane Red blend and Pinot Gris, this really is a great "Gourmet Picnic Tote."

Lilly Pulitzer® Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2) | Nordstrom
"Signature Lilly Pulitzer prints add a charming touch to durable stemless wine glasses, perfect for picnics in the park or casual dinners on the porch."

Coleman® Pack-Away® Picnic Set
This portable four top picnic table is just right for your indoor or outdoor fun.

Bean Bag Throw - Football Field
Don't just sit around at the picnic. Challenge your friends to a fun game of Bean Bag Throw!

Picnic Time® U.S. Army® Adventure Wagon
Get around in style with this classic Picnic Time® U.S. Army® Adventure Wagon

Picnic Time for Couples

Picnic Time for Couples

Enjoy a romantic picnic with your sweetheart. This Picnic Time for Couples U-mi list is a complete combination packed with music, cheese and fun! by Chrisula Cunningham

Sunshine Picnic Basket with Wine from HARRYANDDAVID.COM
This gourmet basket is full of luxurious ways to treat your pallet including Royal Verano Pears & Harry & David™ Chardonnay.

Picnic Time Heart Picnic Basket - - Macy's
Fill with some of your favorite treats and enjoy some time together.

Picnic Time® Guitar Cheeseboard with Tools
Delightful for a picnic for couples or for cheese and wine tasting with friends.

Cotopaxi 'Kusa' Blanket | Nordstrom
Lightweight, cozy and cool!

Crosley X UO Marble Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player - Urban Outfitters
This is the cherry on top for that special romantic time! Now all you have to do is find their favorite slow jams!

Camp Time

Camp Time

This U-mi list is sure to entice the camper in us all. Whether you’re planning to enjoy the nature of your backyard, revisit that favorite childhood lake spot, or start your trek through our National Parks, the proper gear is a must. I’ve included an extra link in our list because 2016 marks the Centennial of these wondrous and majestic places: OUR National Parks. by Chrisula Cunningham

National Park Service
Happy 100th birthday! Celebrate their Centennial and help maintain them for future generations.

Hot Spot Notebook Charcoal Grill
This sturdy and stylish grill will be perfect for your camping and grilling needs!

HEIMPLANET The Fistral Inflatable Tent - Urban Outfitters
Enjoy the day and have sweet dreams outdoors with this easy and fun tent!

Vista Blanket XL, Navy
This is the perfect time to get that cool blanket for camping, picnics, or the game!

Mosaic Tile Insulated Picnic Basket
Keeps everyone happy and the food: COOL,COOL,COOL!

Picnic Time Reclining Camp Chair - - Macy's
Sit back in luxury around the campfire!



What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. A friend invited me to take a tour of some apiaries (bee yards). We learned about the different hive types, but also about the holistic manner of living WITH nature. I used Udorami to help take notes along the way, edited a few items, but kept the rest as an “example.” Udorami view by Athena Christodoulou

Bees are NOT attracted to red flowers
I couldn't resist getting this beautiful California poppy while on the Bosque apiary. It was one of many colorful specimens around to delight bees and visitors alike. I forgot to ask if this flower, as close as it is to red, would be on a bee list. The link is to the organization which organized the Saturday tour. There were over ten sites available and we made it to only four, but had a great time with one of the most important species for our way of life....the BEE! Don't use pesticides.

Warre in the Bosque
A Warre hive hybridizes the Lang (Langstroth) and Top-bar hives. This photograph shows the innards. We stumbled upon an apiary and horticultural gem at this site in the Bosque. Muscovy ducks took care of any snail problem and provided eggs. Flowers delighted the senses and fed bees and other pollinators. I was so enchanted I forgot to take many pictures. Add that connectivity was horrible, I couldn't upload a picture in a Udorami item, so I chucked the reporter role and just enjoyed the experience. Don't use pesticides!

Frames for Lang hive
Black cell insert for brood and yellow for honey. Pop in a frame of food grade plastic coated with bees wax to attract bees.

Honey flow hive from Australia
No queen or brood in top and can get honey without opening hive. Leaves Brood intact, avoided mites, wax left in to be rebuilt. For more mite control put Crisco on wax paper with powdered sugar

Holly but no wood. Sandia foothills honey farm. Bee on the lookout!
Langstroth hives. Psst, he also had 9kW of solar with some battery backup.

Hat, veil, and hive tool
$290 for hives and need gloves, hat, fine mesh strainer, and smoker. Can't see red so plant other colors.

Dawn in the city
Leave 10-12 bars over winter and add crystallized honey. 12lbs a year honey.

S Sandoval
Dawn in the city. Kenyan Top bar @ with enough size for ten lbs each bar.