Mothering – A Forever Joy!

Mothering – A Forever Joy!

I enjoyed the fourteen years my mother and I combined households. I tried to love and honor her every day. I wish my sons could give me their love every day. But distance and growing up are in the way right now. Their smiling faces in the DoubleTakes (see photo above) I got at Christmas, though, do help. I smile back at my sons every day I see those photos on my wall. In fact, I chuckle every time. And feel loved.

What about you? Which shouts out love more: a hug, bouquet of flowers, or breakfast in bed? Back in November I discussed the five love languages and most people, me included, thought it related only to couples. In truth, love language covers all kinds of relationships- including those with mothers.

SO, LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE!!!! My mother’s gift preferences were usually a mystery. She would always say, “Ohhh, I don’t want anything.” But at least everyone knew she loved card games and puzzling. If you had the time, and even sometimes when you didn’t, you would find yourself sitting at her table playing Five Crowns or looking for “just THAT pimage-2iece” in her latest puzzle. I’ve got you figured, Mom! Quality time is your love language.

Curator and fellow mother, Heather Brewer, says, “I love being a mom! Being with my kids, watching them grow — it’s magical. I also love that special day of the year, Mother’s Day, when magic things happen for moms. You can find her list on our blog at A Mother’s Wish. For more ideas, take a look at my Mother’s Day list. And then make you own list on Udorami.unknown-origin-woman-w-baby

So, this year we’re giving my mom a big blanket covered with smiling faces of her children, their spouses, and grandchildren. She will see us smiling at her every day. Getting, current, smiling pictures from around the globe on short notice can be a challenge. But I can almost see my mom’s smile. And isn’t that what love is all about?

Oh, I’m also sending my son to play cards and puzzle for a few days. I’ll make the trip back east later this summer. “Hey, no cheating, Mom!”