Christmas Wishes -Try it!

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I didn’t put my Christmas wishes in a bag, write them in a letter to Santa, or give access to my Pinterest boards. I captured them in a Udorami list for a mixture of things, to do’s, and ideas. I hope it becomes a jumble of fun and joy for the givers as well. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and joyful season.

Athena Christmas 2016

by Athena Christodoulou
Lavender Lotion Bars also at whole foods!
Get at least one with the tin, but the others can be without. Love the feel and the smell. My knuckles say hooray!
Anchor 3 Qt. Glass Bakeware Set
Review mentioned difficulty in putting on lid, but if it works and I can seal it, I need it. That way I can bring food to someone els's house!
Pyrex 18 piece Storage Set
Buy it online and use store pickup. They will hold it for several days. My plastics are disappearing and glass is better for microwaving afterward.
Book a Game | esQape It! | Room Escape Albuquerque, NM
Your dad is over 60 and I have military ID
House of Eternal Return visit
I have an annual pass, but I would LOVE to go as a family outing
A family concert/sing along
We never did record any songs, but we really should have. I was hoarse the next day and it was fortunate that I didn't have to be up at the chanter's box. Maybe Sunday, Jan 3? It will be last night with all three boys at home in Albuquerque. .
puzzle time with my mom
She's coming for Christmas this year...hooray!
2016-18 Chapter Challenge: St. George Philoptochos
Go through your jackets and leave me some to give. Buy something on the list ...preferably from Target. Sometimes they have store pickup. Choose the Albuquerque NE store.
Green Jeans Farmery visit - Albuquerque
A gift certificate or date at one of their eateries would be excellent. The whole concept of reusing shipping containers and supporting local businesses is very satisfying.
Susan Provda design
I want one of her earrings! Her website doesn't show them, but they are beautiful! I took this photo off her Facebook page @susanjoydesign. I don't care if I get it at Christmas or Mother's day. Support Artists!
Please read and let me know what you think
Print it out, if needed. This single page helped explain soooo much!
St. Anthony's monastery family visit
They kept the saguaros! I've been there. It's as peaceful as you allow. There is a very rigid schedule for those who need such guidance, but for visitors unused to it, there are just a few strict guidelines out of respect for the humanity of the monks. Give as you feel inclined for your stay, but only orthodox with a priest's recommendation may stay.


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December 18, 2015