EPO Academic Letter Supply List

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Parents stop sending out multiple emails to coordinate activity supplies. Created and managed by EPO. For details and to donate go to the  working registry link.

Eldorado High School Parent Organization membership or donation
https://eldorado.aps.edu/epo Welcome to your Eldorado Parent Organization (EPO) website! Your involvement, opinions, ideas, talents, and skills are critically needed to offer guidance and support for our students, teachers, and staff. Your $35 donation for membership (or any amount you can give) is also greatly appreciated and needed to support the programs offered by our organization which benefit students, school, and faculty/staff of EHS. Thank you for checking this site out!
Office Depot® Brand Clean Seal™ Security Envelopes, #10, 4 1/8
either these or the peel and seal, not both
Office Depot® Standard Gift Card Of $15 Item # 836880
Consider funding a gift card to allow our EPO to maximize its dollars- take advantage of sales, etc.!

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February 27, 2017