Remodel Bathroom Fixtures

Include the family in some decision-making! My husband and I rarely collaborated on design projects, but he enjoyed this light fixture change because it was so easy! I scouted on-line for products and included my ranking of them. He marked the ones fitting our budget. I made the purchases and included pertinent notes in the edited items’ descriptions. He installed. I took pictures. Perfect teamwork!

Bathroom Lights

by Athena Christodoulou
48" Wide Bathroom Fixture- Original
The original fixtures. We wanted to replace halogen lighting without sacrificing design. These are the original lights, but they heated up the bathroom so much in the summer and use 400 W of electricity.
47.75" Modern 6 Light Bathroom Fixture with Satin White Glass
Photo is upside down. Hmmmm maybe my husband installed them upside down! Oh that's just too funny! Noooo. The picture is upside down. Purchased with SW CC 1/22/2015 Order confirmation #61984781. Use in master bath.
Progress Light - Store Pickup
Purchased for store pickup at Lowes. #311189669 SW CC on Jan 22 2015, Arrive by Feb 2
We used all LED bulbs and cut energy usage by almost 90%! Next up, add some color!
Install 2
Upstairs bathroom complete. Ok, I know I broke consistency rules, but honestly, that style works in there. Now to work on color again. We used a mix of incandescent and LEDs until we could afford full replacement. We save a bunch on power bills and are also doing something good for the environment.
De-Lovely 8 Light ADA Bathroom Vanity Strip
It would have worked, but I was checking out a Lowes store-pickup.

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March 20, 2015