Mother’s Day Shopping Event

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We have mashed two lists together on the same event which happened May 6 with local mothers helping make ends meet. I added a couple items later for more local flavor, because I want them for My Mother’s Day,  and the opportunity to support other local businesses.

2017 Mother's day

by Athena Christodoulou
Sip and Paint at Kelly Jo's
This worked out sooo well for my birthday and Valentine's day. Eventually the whole family will do a session. We love hanging our own art on the wall. We get an appreciation for our own creations and share them with my mom. You should hear my husband crow and point to his works. He says he feels such a sense of accomplishment.
Downtown Historic Bed & Breakfast
A Friday and Saturday night on almost ANY weekend, but Balloon Fiesta and Mother's day would be a treat.
Pink Amelia from Taylor
Worn backwards!
Bag I bought
Thirty One gifts with Lisa Davis
Red Carly
From Stephanie, small
Hanging traveler kit
I need one. Lisa Davis putting in order May 8. 505-400-7475.
Lipsense Brick and gloss
Also like Bella

Mother's Day Shopping Event-Chrissy's Pick

by Chrisula Cunningham
Cafe Crossbody & Rubie Mini
Crossbody 68.00 Rubie Mini 22.00
Single serving Stoneware
Great for lots of cooking/baking stuff! From Pampered Chef
Ceramic Egg Cooker
Can cook eggs, oats, soups, and warm drinks in the micro-wave!

LipSense by SeneGence -18 hour lip color that doesn't kiss off, smudge off, or get on your teeth. It is also super healthy hydrating! Set includes lip color, gloss and remover. Talk to Lauren from Lo's Lips @ 505-306-1256.

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May 10, 2017