You’ve been there from the beginning, cared for them through potty training (I dreaded it all three times), cried on their first day at school (until you cried on their first day of summer break instead), and listened daily to the little things happening in their day-to-day life. All in preparation for this grand migration of teenagers around the country. Yes, I’m talking about COLLEGE. I’m on my third one and each time it’s like losing a part of myself. Hey, hello there! they WERE a part of me at one time. The Japanese say that the rebellion of teenagers is to help parents let go. I don’t think mine rebelled enough.

In a week, I’m taking my third son for his second year and the only reason (so he says) I get to drive with him,

is so I can purchase all the stuff he’s going to need now that he’s moving into an…..apartment! Sssh, don’t tell him I’m going to make a U-mi list (short for Udorami, or a short Udorami list. Take your pick, since we made it up), order a bunch of it online at, to be picked up at their store near school. I prepay and could let him pick it up… Nope!, I’m going to get in that last hug.

For all those semi empty nesters, Chrisula and I put together several lists for easier shopping and list creation. Copy and edit them for YOUR college-bound teenager. Remember, you can use the printable list feature to check your total spend and stay on budget.

Send the comforts of home with them. Reuse some things you have and invest in their future with some of the luxuries from Udorami’s College Life: Dorm and Room Décor shopping list. Going off to college is an exciting and challenging time. Whether they’re starting their first year or starting at a new place, there are lots of things to prepare for. Give the safety of a warm blanket, so they can prop themselves up with a pillow, and do add  life to their dwelling. Remind them to call home often and to make a positive impact on the people around them!!! CHECK OUT our Life on Your Own: Kitchen Essentials shopping list, as well, and our list of college-focused shopping venues, U-mi list: College Life Shopping.

At least with Udorami, I know that I’m still a part of their life. I make them keep their own wishlists up-to-date for their birthdays, Christmas and the occasional surprise. I’ll miss the hugs most, but look forward to visits with all three sons and daughter-in-law. XXXOOO