Thanksgiving 2015


I started our menu the week before Thanksgiving using a family circle and collaboration. This menu was not complete, and we actually had several more items than listed. I tried to pack everything into the picture even though they didn’t fit on the sideboard.

Thanksgiving 2015

by Athena Chris
How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey
Paul took on this project. It was truly picture perfect and FAST! I just provided the turkey. and oven, of course.
Savory Mashed Potatoes - Maria
A staple for any Thanksgiving and more important than the turkey to some.
Spanakopita Recipe
Not this recipe! My own, of course. Some day I'll share it. For this dinner I make my own crust instead of relying on phyllo dough. It was the only way we ate spinach when we were younger. And it worked on my own sons!
Butternut Squash Pie
Paul - Instead of the standard pumpkin pie, I would like to try this recipe and compare.
Cranberry sauce -Michele
Lovely to see and scrumptious to eat!
Spanish Market
I have three tickets, but these may be able to get in 6 people. A couple hours of a cultural experience anyone? An offer of something to do on the weekend.
Ham - Maria
Always great for leftovers.
Random Vegetables
Paul: I'd like to have a side dish with vegetables, seeing if we can get a co-op share, or something.
Cheese crisps (appetizer)-Michele
Made by Michele to keep the hangrys at bay. We tend to aim for an early dinner in order to watch a movie. Unfortunately, we also run late always, so snacks are a must!


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December 1, 2015