What if that’s all you had to tell someone to be able to get what you need or want? I’ve always struggled to describe the service Udorami provides and so I decided to create a new verb. We’re familiar with that phenomenon these days…”Tweet it!  ‘Google it”  Well, now you have “Umi it!”

Begin with understanding a Udorami list. Your list will include items, each with a photo (opt), title, description, desirability rank, price (opt), quantity. These items can be easily added to a list:

  1. Using our Udorami button on a PC, Desktop, or most tablets. Or
  2. While in a list press the “+Or
  3. Under the Lists tab select “Add an item”

Or you can simply copy one of our templates, public lists or a friend’s list and edit. (Shh, it sounds complicated, but once you try it, it’s so fun!)

Now that your list is created you can share it via email, a link for texting or email, or invite viewers and/or collaborators. Everyone can treat it like a gift registry, in that once an item is collected (via an online purchase or not), it can be marked. Members can leave comments so the giver can be recognized.

Whew! And that is only the first definition – for using it as a gift registry.

Pronunciation? You me!

Now I just have to figure out how to get that word into the dictionary. I think that’s going to be up to you, our members. Invite your friends and start to Umi.  We are starting to Umi with local schools to help bridge the gap between the needs and actual supplies in the classroom.

Let’s Umi it!